EternityThe Apricena stone


We have been the largest quarry in Southern Italy for 40 years. Apricena stone has characterized the Daunian landscape for centuries as evidenced by the medieval cathedrals and the magnificent castles such as the beautiful Frederick II Fortress in Castel Del Monte.


Quality and quantity are our strength. The large plant extends over a very compact, stratified and deep geological structure which provides valuable materials in terms of compactness and homogeneity of the textures. Dell'Erba Marmi is the ideal partner also for large supplies and big projects.

The largest in southern italy

Apricena basin, in the province of Foggia, is considered as one of the most important stone deposits in Italy and it is the largest in Southern Italy.In the past, the materials extracted from this basin were used in building construction as foundation elements.Today, they are mainly used for interior finishings, thanks to their vignetting effect and pleasant chromatic shades, played on the light tones of beige and pink, which emerge from slab processing and final polishing.These features together with their excellent chemical-physical-mechanical properties, make the materials renowned both as ornamental stones and as stones for interior finishes and furnishings.


The Company produces and sells rough blocks, cut-to-size tiles, semi-finished products of any size and thickness, also for urban furniture, intended for laboratories and wholesalers. Due to the special features of the quarries and to the processing quality, its products are particularly appreciated both on national and on foreign markets.Dell'Erba Marmi efforts are aimed at enhancing the value of Apricena marble by making this material be known for its characteristics and versatility of use, both on aesthetical and on technological aspects depending on the different varieties.