"Nature is good to us to such anextent that  it lets us transform it".

-Franco Dell’Erba-

DELL'ERBA MARMI SRL headquarters is located in Apricena. The Company was created in the early 70s by Mr. FRANCO DELL'ERBA, an entrepreneur with solid experience in this sector, who has led the company to date with commitment, dedication and great entrepreneurial success.

Apricena stone

The Company operates in the sector of extraction, processing and marketing of Apricena stone, known as "Trani", one of the most representative stones of this area. 

Company-owned quarries, variety of stones.

The company has its own quarries and directly carries out all the phases of the activity, from the extraction to the processing of the material up to the production of all the varieties of the materials found in Apricena basin: any kind of Serpeggiante marble, Silvabella Classico marble, Biancone marble, Bronzetto marble, Filettato marble and Fiorito marble.