Apple ParkCupertino California

Designed by Arch. Norman Foster

Apple Park is an architectural structure designed by the Foster & Associates Studio, located in Cupertino, in the heart of Silicon Valley that serves as the corporate headquarters.It was opened to employees in April 2017.The inner parts of Apple new headquarters were almost exclusively covered with the marble extracted in our own quarries.

Three buildings

Apple new headquarters is composed of three main architectural works: the large circular building (Space Ship), the Steve Jobs Theater and the Visitor Center inside which the Apple Store is located. All three architectural works benefited of both vertical and horizontal marble elements and coverings.

Exceptional performance

Serpeggiante N4.Thanks to the magnificent texture, compactness and homogeneity of the mineral structure, very clean works were possible with truly magnificent matting and scratching effects on the surfaces. A work that recalls ancestral processes in an extremely modern and essential context. Architect Norman Foster, used Serpeggiante N4 with sandblasted finish for his project, thus transforming a simple auditorium into a timeless underground temple.

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Dell'Erba Marmi materials were used both for flooring and for all those elements that characterize the decoration and finishing of an environment.