Apricena stone


Dell'Erba Marmi extracts marble materials typical of Apricena basin from its own quarries; ranging from simple large blocks to small cuts with special finishes. Special processes are available on request.

Stones and types

FilettatoSerpeggianteFiorito AdriaticoBianconeBronzettoRadica

Products and sizes

Rough blocks Slabs Custom-made cut elementsCurved cut elementsShaped elementsJoints PavingCoverings Road curbsGutter with machicolations Ornamental stonesCubes and stone veneer Quarry splits


CuttingPolishingBush-hammeredBluntFlamed ScratchedBlunt with edgeRadica rifling

Our stone in the world

The Company specializes in supplying materials for works in foreign and non-EU countries such as: China, Taiwan, the Americas through international naval transport in the quantities required by every single project.

Outstanding performance

Apricena stone has exceptional physical and mechanical properties. The compactness and homogeneity of its mineral structure allow a very wide use of it. The remarkable static properties of this stone made it a protagonist as a structural reinforced supporting element of the Cathedral of Saint Padre Pio in San Giovanni Rotondo designed by Architect Renzo Piano.This was an exceptional goal achieved by Dell'Erba Marmi thanks to the experience, technology and excellent quality of the material extracted from its quarries.

Process gallery

A small tour of extraction, cutting and processing techniques. State-of-the-art technology and exceptional workers operate with great professional experience in our processing areas. Every day we satisfy demanding customers obtaining the best possible results all over the world.

Quarry Escavator